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Career Development Workshop - Faculty Request Form and Descriptions

*Faculty Use Only
Career Development is pleased to assist Faculty, by offering workshops and/or PowerPoint presentations to our post-secondary students, designed to help students understand how their career-oriented assignments and learning will be used in the real world. 

CLICK HERE to complete the MS Form for your request(s). 

For each topic you are requesting, you will need to complete a separate form. If you teach multiple sections of a course and are booking the same workshop for each section, you will need to specify the day(s) of the week and time(s) of each class separately in the questions below. 

Important notes:
  • an Outlook calendar notice will be sent to you as your formal confirmation of the workshop booking and it will include the Career Development coach who will be delivering the workshop.
  • as guest speakers, the coaches will facilitate workshops that are designed to augment your course curriculum
  • these workshops are intended to show students how to take their classroom learning and apply it to their job search endeavours
  • unforeseen circumstances can cause a last-minute change to the schedule. Please have a back-up plan ready for your class. If you need to reschedule a workshop for any reason, please contact

Descriptions of Career Development workshops:

Get Hired - Introduction to Career Development (20 minutes)

This workshop showcases the benefits of using the services of Career Development and the Hired portal. Students will learn how to:

  • book job search and career coaching appointments and gain insight into how a career coach can assist students in their job search and establishing career goals or direction
  • access career resources detailing industry information specific to DC post-secondary programs as well as resources that provide labour market information and assist with career direction
  • search for job leads and set-up job posting alerts
  • view and register for career events being held on- and off-campus
Resumés − The employers' perspective (50 minutes)
This workshop guides students to evaluate their resumé from the employers' perspective using a framework facilitated by a Career Development coach. Students will learn how to:
  • analyze job postings to determine employers' needs
  • critically assess their resumé and adapt it to meet the employers' needs
  • format their resumé to be applicant tracking system (ATS) and employer ready

Cover letters − From applicant to potential candidate (50 minutes)
This workshop guides students to evaluate their cover letter from the employers' perspective using a framework facilitated by a Career Development coach. Students will learn how to:
  • analyze employer needs based on the job posting
  • customize their cover letter to meet the qualifications of specific positions
  • distinguish themselves as strong candidates
  • generate employer interest in their brand

LinkedIn and Networking: Pathways to Meaningful Connections (50 minutes)
This workshop covers both Networking and LinkedIn as pathways to meaningful connections to further students' career development. LinkedIn is presented as a professional social networking resource. Both Networking and LinkedIn are featured as the means by which students can showcase their skills, experience, and accomplishments to build, share, and maintain their professional network. 
This session will cover:
  • What is Networking
  • Why Networking is important for your career 
  • Your LinkedIn Network 
  • Creating connections on LinkedIn 
  • How to leverage your Network 
  • Creating a personal pitch 
  • Common Principles of Networking 
Please note: This workshop requires that students already have a LinkedIn profile or have an understanding of how to create one. 
LinkedIn (50 minutes)
This workshop will familiarize students with LinkedIn as an effective job search and networking tool. Students will learn how to:
  • build an effective profile and ensure consistency in their brand
  • find and connect with Durham College alumni working in their field
  • search for job opportunities
  • research companies and potential career pathways
  • participate in groups to network and boost their industry knowledge
Strategies to Ace Your Interview (50 minutes)
This workshop will allow students to gain insight into the importance of preparing, practicing, and performing for interviews. Students may also practice responding to interview questions as facilitated by a Career Development coach. Students will learn how to:  
  • formulate effective responses to behavioural and situational questions
  • address questions like "tell me about yourself," "what is your greatest weakness?" or questions about salary expectations
  • prepare for virtual interviews
Success on the Job (40 minutes)
Starting a new job can be both exciting and nerve-wracking. Job Seekers are eager to begin a new chapter in their career journey, but the unknowns of the workplace are often daunting. In this workshop, we will help job seekers prepare and understand specific factors that will help them be successful when starting out in the workplace including their field placement, co-op work term or their first role post-graduation. We will discuss their first day, business etiquette, the importance of tracking accomplishments, networking on the job, mentoring and touch upon their rights as a worker.