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Graduate Employment Statistics

The following are a few of our highlights from the provincial government's latest KPI survey of Ontario colleges, released May 12, 2021.
We are committed to providing our students with quality learning experiences and support in finding pathways to jobs and productive citizenship.  

Graduate Employment

Employer Satisfaction

Graduate Satisfaction

Graduation Rate

83.9 per cent

91.4 per cent

75.7 per cent

65.9 per cent

Each year, Durham College produces a Graduate Employment Report based on information compiled from the KPI survey. The information contained in the current report profiles the employment status of Durham College graduates from post-secondary programs in 2018-2019. Six months after graduation, our graduates are contacted by an independent consulting firm (hired by the Ministry of Advanced Education and Skills Development), regarding their employment status and their satisfaction with their college experience. The data gathering process for this report follows the guidelines of the Freedom of Information Act.

The information contained within is a useful resource to help you with your future plans. The statistics can be accessed in two ways:
  • to access the Durham College Graduate Employment Report from 2019, please click here  [459KB].
  • to access detailed program statistics, please log in to the Hired portal and click on Career Resources > Overview of Schools > select the appropriate school name (e.g.: BITM for Accounting) > find your program.
Note: The 2020 Graduate Employment data has not been received yet. To view Graduate Employment Reports from past years, please see below: For additional information on Key Performance Indicators, please visit the Durham College KPI website.